Naruto wins the chunin exams fanfic

Hakureisaiga- I am glad that everyone is receiving this fic so well, 33 reviews in three days, not bad! The challenge was issued by Challenger and I like Namikaze09's version the best, so I decide to make one similar to his own.

To TKD Master, since I can practically answer anyone since he or she doesn't have an account, the Tsunade arc…some will have Tsunade kicking Naruto's ass, but not as bad as the canon and there will be some where Naruto kicks Tsunade's ass…which one?

naruto wins the chunin exams fanfic

I am quite sure you can figure it out. I don't want to waste time answering reviews…read on how Naruto kicks ass! Chapter 3- The True Meaning of Strength. Genma said, "No, Kakashi, as you can see, Uchiha has been disqualified, declaring Gaara the winner. Now can you please move to the stands, you are interrupting the match. Genma said, "Kid, you lost that match since you decided not to be on time…if your comrades were in danger for this, you would been shunned for the rest of your life for not saving your teammates, now beat it.

Sasuke charged at Gaara, but then a clone of Naruto moved in front and knocked out the Uchiha by slamming various punches in his solar plexus. The boy slumped to the ground and Naruto mercilessly kicked Sasuke to Kakashi's feet. Genma moved away and Naruto jumped back to avoid the sand. Naruto moved his hands and immediately flipped through hand signs, "Suiton: Mizurappa!

He smirked as he did the same jutsu again and again, making Gaara send new sand to protect him. Naruto said, "You have never been to a beach, have you? Sand is not soluble to water, but reacts to make clumps when it is mixed with water. Since you control sand, water is your weakest element against your defense and since all of your sand is wet….

Naruto sent Gaara a jaw-shattering punch to the face and made the Suna Jinchuuriki go sprawling on the ground. Meanwhile Lee and Gai just arrived to see Naruto's performance…both were surprised that Neji was beaten and furthermore Naruto was fighting an opponent that Lee couldn't survive against. Naruto looked to see Lee was here and smirked, "Now for my next jutsu….After all it's the last survivor of the Uchiha Clan from what I understand" said the "Kazekage" as he now looking at the Hokage not knowing that the Hokage knew who he was underneath the disguise.

Even still we have rules about lateness and it just so happens that when a ninja is late in anything it could result in his or her comrade's life being forfeit at the hands of an enemy. We will not postpone the match just for your amusement and will continue should he not show up in the next 2 minutes," said the Hokage knowing that the "Kazekage" would be seething beyond his veil and fake skin.

After 2 minutes passed Genma shook his head and mentally shamed Kakashi for being so late to the Exam. I hereby declare him disqualified from the Chuunin Exam and Rock Lee the winner of the second match," said Genma only to cover his ears from the boo's from the crowd and the shrieks from all of the Sasuke Fan-girls in the stands.

Chūnin Exams

Lee leaped back up to where the competitors were while Naruto just smiled at Lee for doing what he did. The boy was still trying to prove he was just as strong as him, but as he did Naruto frowned as he realized something was off with the Exams. Why the change?

Shikamaru then stepped forward much to everyone surprise knowing that the Nara was normally too lazy for his own good. You see while you were away wherever your troublesome self was, Sasuke had Kakashi organize a meeting with the Hokage and the Council. He basically said Neji would beat you easily since you were 'dead last' and that being his overconfident and troublesome self he claimed he could beat Lee easily," said Shikamaru remembering how his father heard this from being one of the members in the room.

Sasuke mocked Gai-sensei and our Flames of Youth! I believe Hokage-sama was originally against the idea of moving the match up early after yours, but the Council overturned his decision in a united vote," said Lee with his sword on his back with the blunt end resting behind him. Shikamaru sweat drops a that statement wondering why was it that energetic people always make things troublesome for lazy guy's like him down the road.

Anyway Naruto, the Council believed that it would be better for Sasuke so everyone could see just how powerful he was against Neji. You know the whole thing with Clan Bloodline rivalries and how troublesome they can get," said Shikamaru, who being an excellent strategist had already deduced that from Naruto's determination, desire, and the guy's mad skills, that Neji was going to get the crap beat out of him.

Nara Shikamaru and Subaku no Temari get down here for your match," said Genma ignoring Shikamaru's face paling, as Temari smirked and flew down on her fan eager for battle. Again Shikamaru paled before calculating his odds of survival if he decided to forfeit and face not only Terra's wrath, but possibly his mothers too. She hated it when he gave up unless he had a reasonable excuse, which he realized he didn't have one.

I guess I have no choice, but to fight her," said Shikamaru letting his head limp down knowing no matter what he did he was screwed.

Neji sat there on his back of his "hospital bed" thinking about what Naruto had said to him about Hinata and all she had tried to do over the years in being close to him. He had always blamed her for the death of his father when the Cloud Ninja came and stole her from the Hyuuga Compound. He realized now that she could never be at fault and that because of that event she had become shy around others. It didn't help that she had been pressured and looked down on by her family on both sides with little support from each.Author's Note: hello everyone and welcome to my Naruto fanfiction.

I will warn you right away at the start that this fanfic will be very long and will contain canonretelling at the start from the Gaara fight up until the Valley of the End fight. I have made adjustments in the canon so I could use my story, so it will have some changes.

Also, secondly I try to update this story once a month. I am simply borrowing the characters, without permission from the author, to write my own little story.

Uzumaki Naruto couldn't believe it. Down there in the pit, where he had fought and defeated Hyuuga Neji no 2 hours ago, Uchiha Sasuke was fighting Naruto's worst nightmare. Sasuke, Naruto's rival, was fighting against the one person that Naruto was actually openly afraid of facing.

After the talk Naruto had with the red haired sand-shinobi yesterday, he discovered two things. They had been living a similar life and for a similar reason. Both had been hated and feared by their village because they had a demon sealed inside of them. But Naruto was scared of Gaara because, unlike Naruto, Gaara did not get out of the loneliness.

Instead he stayed in it and killed anyone that came close to him. It was the thought that anyone could stay in the darkness of being alone so long and willingly stay there that had Naruto scared.

And now Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto's rival and teammate, was down there fighting him. After asking, almost begging even, Kakashi-sensei to interfere with the fight because Sasuke would lose, he pulls of a trick like that. With his new Jutsu, Chidori, Sasuke had easily pierced Gaara's sand orb that was protecting him. But afterwards the orb had cracked, revealing Gaara holding a bloody shoulder, a look of total madness in his eyes. And that strange, different arm that had been attached to Sasuke as he jumped back from the hole was also worrying Naruto.

He knew what that arm was, just by looking at it. He just felt it. The combination of the Chakra and the appearance left nothing to his imagination.

naruto wins the chunin exams fanfic

That arm was from Gaara's inner demon, Shukaku. Show me you power Sasuke-kun. You have already become this powerful without using my seal. But this is an opponent that you can not defeat on your own. Seek out my power. Involuntarily he gave a small chuckle. I want to see Sasuke-kun's potential. Instead he smoothly told his old teacher a lie. As should be expected from the famous Uchiha-clan.Nothing post-timeskip applies. It never happened, it will never happen, and the junk Bakamoto made up about rules of how this or that worked do not apply.

Everything was chaos. Caught off guard and admittedly soft from years of peace, the people of Konoha were unprepared to be stabbed in the back by an allied village, or for the destructive return of one of their most powerful missing ninja, arriving at the head of a new band of followers. Into this opening, Orochimaru stabbed, gutting the village that was once his home, using his own Sound shinobi and deceived Sand ninja to sew destruction and chaos among his former friends and neighbors.

Death and destruction was everywhere. It wasn't quite the end of the village hidden among the leaves, they would, in the normal course of events, throw off the attack and survive.

But they would be weakened for some time to come, losing precious prestige and influence that cost them almost as dearly as the defending ninja who died that day.

But something happened Orochimaru did not intend. While he was attacking his former teacher, intending to kill Sarutobi, the Hokage of Konoha, a young boy sheathed in the red aura of the Kyubi attacked the barrier his faithful Sound Four had erected around the two to isolate their epic battle.

naruto wins the chunin exams fanfic

The whiskered blond boy blinked twice, coming more awake as he realized something. The last thing he remembered was charging at that wall of blue light, whatever it was, trying to get to the old man, to save him from whatever that long-necked guy was doing. Surprisingly, the young boy did not feel as awful as he somehow expected to. His body was fine, although his mind was decidedly not.

There was an odd mix in there of the afterimage of the worst headache of his life, and a strange sort of tiredness, just like he was exhausted after a hard day, ready for a full night of sleep instead of getting up from one. So, deciding that since no one would need him for anything after the fight the other day he could get away with taking a sick day, he rolled over and went right back to sleep, so tired that he didn't even pause to wonder about how the old man Hokage did in that fight the boy had tried interrupting.

naruto wins the chunin exams fanfic

A few hours later his nap got interrupted, first by loud banging on his door, which he ignored by rolling over, then Before the boy had a chance to sit up, blink, and wipe at the corner of his eye mumbling a puzzled, "Sakura-chan?

He got as far as blinking, sitting up from his new position, and muttering a puzzled "Saku Waking up at last, the demon container wiped his eyes, unperturbed by her anger.

Sakura was always angry at him, though today she seemed more than usual. As the rage induced adrenalin left her weak limbs she dropped her hold on the boy's clothes.

Mortified, the Kyubi container saw tear tracks coming down from her eyes as Sakura teared up once more. She pierced him with a gaze a pure, unadulterated hatred, stopping his attempt at apology and request for what she was talking about in its tracks. And with that, she fled crying from his room and his house, leaving the young boy in total puzzlement over her behavior, while her inner-Sakura was doing flips and handstands over how much her Sasuke-kun would appreciate her punishing Naruto-baka for disappointing them!

Head still aching and still tired, though not as much, but no longer disposed to sleep, Naruto started puzzling over her inexplicable behavior while he went about his morning routine. He was just coming out of the shower, having come up with no answers nor anything he'd done to upset her lately, when he stepped out, wearing a towel, only to see Sasuke standing there in his hallway, glaring at him in rage. Ignoring the anger as he always did, Naruto raised a hand and greeted his teammate happily.The exam structure and evaluation processes differ from one exam to the next so that genin cannot come prepared.

Villages originally held their own individual exams. Following the Third Shinobi World Warexams that are open to all villages started being held bi-annually, [2] with villages taking turns for hosting responsibilities. These shared exams improve relations between the villages, present up-and-coming ninja to clients, and create an opportunity for gambling. For this reason it is possible for as many as all of the finalists to pass, or even for none of them to.

Being victorious simply expands the participant's chances of demonstrating their qualities in the next match. Having too many participants to advance to the next stages seems to be an undesired result, as the examiners tend to run additional preliminaries to reduce the number of finalists. Genin had to enter as part of a three-man team. The three stages were not held consecutively, allowing participants to recuperate between stages.

Held in the Forest of Deaththe second stage consisted of tournament battles between three-man teams. The Third Hokage and the team's leader monitored the fights remotely. Loss of a match did not necessarily prevent a genin from continuing to the finals.

Genin must enter as part of a three-man team. Prior to the first stage, Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane disguised as genin try to discourage others from participating. Proctored by Ibiki Morinothe first stage is, at a glance, an hour-long written test of ten questions. However, the first nine questions are too difficult for an average genin to be able to answer.

If a genin is caught cheating five times, they and the rest of their team are disqualified. The goal is also to force the genin to apply critical thinking.

In most cases, being caught cheating means instant failure, but the two-point reduction is meant to give them a chance instead of trying again without being caught and make them realise they have to cheat. Getting the correct answer to these nine questions is not ultimately important, as it is possible to pass without answering any of them at all.

Forty-five minutes in to the first stage, genin are given the opportunity to answer the tenth question. They are first warned that, if they answer the question incorrectly, they will not be allowed to take the exams ever again; if they forfeit - which also disqualifies the rest of their team - before hearing the question, they will be allowed to retake the exams another time.

Ibiki tried everything imaginable to get as many genin to drop out as much as possible. Naruto Uzumaki 's open determination to face this unknown inspires all of the remaining genin, causing 26 teams, a higher number than average, to pass to the second stage.

Proctored by Anko Mitarashithe second stage takes place in the Forest of Death. They then have five days for the entire team to reach the building in the centre of the forest with one of each scroll in their possession; how they acquire the other scroll is up to them, by force or by trade being the most common options. Because of the natural hazards of the forest, the absence of services or outside assistance, and the likely conflict with other teams, genin must sign liability waivers before entering to release Konoha from responsibility for any injuries or deaths.

If a team loses their starting scroll they are not automatically disqualified, as they may use the remaining time to acquire another copy of the scroll they've lost. By the same extension, acquiring both scrolls does not guarantee completion of the second stage, as they still must reach the centre building in time.

As the second stage goes on, teams that have lost their scroll will tend to gather around the building, hoping to prey on on those with both. Alternately, teams that already have both scrolls can linger outside the building, taking scrolls from others to reduce the competition of later stages. Genin are forbidden from opening either scroll until they have reached the central building.

If they follow this instruction, the scroll will summon a higher-ranked ninja to grant them advancement to the next stage. If they do not follow this instruction, the ninja will render them and everyone else in the area unconscious for the duration of the second stage. The Three Sand Siblingsin particular, have broken the previous record by making it to the tower with both scrolls in 97 minutes.

Anko herself was surprised that 21 genin made it, even though less than half would make it anyway due to the nature of the test, believing that more than 3 teams would pass.

Because too many genin end up passing the second stage, a single round of randomly selected one-on-one matches is held where only the victor will get to continue on. Participants' advancement to the finals is no longer contingent upon the success of their teammates; it is for this excuse that Kabuto Yakushi forfeits before the preliminaries start.

Genin are encouraged to watch each others' fights carefully to help them prepare for fighting each other in the finals; indeed, after the preliminaries are finished the finalists are told who they will fight in the first round so they can plan accordingly.Naruto was heading to the training ground that Jiraiya had told him to be at.

He enters and sees the Sannin with a bag next to him "well Naruto let's begin. I need to know what Kakashi has taught you," said the old Sannin. Jiraiya was shaking with rage "even his sensei didn't play favorites. I will speak to Sarutobi about this blatant favoritism," said Jiraiya. Naruto grabs the water balloon and starts to rotate it but after five minutes it explodes "damn," said Naruto. Naruto was lying down after completing the first step of the Rasengan "two hour to complete step one," said Jiraiya.

He takes a rubber ball "the next step is power," he explained. Kurenai was walking along the village when she was approached by Jiraiya "Kurenai," said the man. Jiraiya nods his head "very well, Kurenai. I would like you to train him when I am unable to," said Jiraiya. Naruto was at the training ground for two hours unable to make the ball bust. Now have you been working on the genjutsu I gave you?

Naruto goes through hand seal "genjutsu Tree binding of death," said Naruto as Kurenai is wrapped in a tree. But it fall appears within a minutes.

Naruto tries to mix his exercises up causing his control to go to new heights after two hours. Naruto performs the jutsu and the tree warps around the jounin who smiles "well done Naruto," Kurenai said as she breaks out of the genjutsu. I had pulled some favors for him. Saturdays will be with Yugao and Sunday will D ranks missions," said Kurenai. Hai sensei," said Naruto. Over the two weeks Naruto has trained none stopped and done about forty D rank missions. Naruto was walking to the stadium when he was accosted by Sakura "Were where you baka.

Sensei told us to meet yesterday," she screeched. Naruto walked by her not sparing a glance "leave me alone you damn howler monkey," said Naruto as he walks away. Sakura was pissed "I hope you die in the exams," she said hoping to get Naruto riled up. Ignoring her he walks away. At the stadium Naruto stood next to Shikamaru "alright my name is Genma and I am proctor. Now any questions," asked the senbon chewing jounin.

Neji Hyuga will be the first match,". Naruto blinks "is that all you're going to say after nearly murdering Hinata," said the blond. In the Kage box, Sarutobi welcomed the Kazekage "glade to see you can make it," said the old Hokage. Naruto runs forward grabbing the palm thrust aimed at his head. He then sends a kick to Neji head sending him back. You rely too much on your eyes," said Naruto.StealthMaster: Hi there everyone this is one of the stories that I had made before but had to stop for concerns about this site's guidelines.

This does not mean that I have stopped writing my other story ' The Consequences of Exiling Naruto Uzumaki ' it's just that in the chapter I am currently writing for it there are bits that I just don't like writing and so take longer to do.

Also another reason why it has taken so long for me to become active on this site again is because I have only just started to get accommodated to university life and have only been in university for 2 weeks and all I can say is Anyway onto other things I would like you to note that this is essentially a Naruto fic with Naruto having Ichigo's powers as well as a better utilisation of kido than Ichigo did.

Also I will be trying to replace spiritual pressure with chakra i. Now onto the story and thanks a lot to all those who have reviewed, followed and favoured my other story, it's more than a story with just over 30, words would usually get It was 10am in Konohagakure no Sato, the day was nice with no signs of clouds and a bright sun showering the village in a bright light.

The disturbing thing about this village though was the deserted streets that usually were always busy no matter the occasion, the reason, every civilian and ninja except for those on guard duty were attending the bi-annual Chunin Examination that was to determine which genin were the most suited for a promotion. Currently it was at the third and final stage before it ended, the first being a written test and the second being a survival challenge whilst also delivering two scrolls to a designated location.

At the moment the chunin exam stadium was packed with all kinds of people: civilians, ninjas, Kages and Daimyos, all of whom came to Konoha to see the potential chunnins that could be promoted from this exam. The stadium was split into three parts: one for civilians, one for ninjas between the ranks of gennin and jounnin and the last section was reserved for the Kages and Daimyos.

The standing between the Daimyo and Kage have always been assumed that the Kages and Daimyos were equal in power Actually the Daimyos were higher than Kages because the Daimyos owned the land that the hidden villages were built on, so if they wish they could liquidise the village and disband the ninja that resided there.

Sitting in the Kage box was the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, he was in his late sixties wearing traditional red and white Kage robes including the hat with the kanji for 'Fire' on it. He was considered to be very old when compared to most ninja, who mostly die by their thirties, and was hailed as the 'Kami no Shinobi' for his extremely strategic mind and ability to combine multiple elemental jutsu to make them more powerful. Said man was looking down at the potential genin with a bit of pride as viewed them standing to attention in the middle of the arena.

On his left was a man in identical to him clothes-wise except his were blue and white, his hat had the kanji for 'Wind' on it and a piece of cloth that covered the bottom half of his face, leaving only his eyes visible. This man was the Kazekage and he ruled over Suna in Wind Country. Glancing towards his fellow Kage Sarutobi couldn't help but be suspicious of the man. He normally didn't hide his facial features, so why the need for covering most of his face?

The most logical and threatening answer was that he was hiding something. The Kazekage didn't turn to look at Sarutobi but did reply in a slight hiss, "I believe that my son will do very well against your Uchiha but it will be a close match.

Sarutobi's war instincts from the Second and Third Shinobi Wars kicked in when he heard the mention of 'son'.

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